Reflexology massage that brings your body to harmony.

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You don’t have to be stressed all the time.

There are many factors in your daily life than can contribute to some of the below symptoms:

  • You are tired all the time
  • You try relaxing but still feel like you need more
  • You feel constant stress
A relaxed woman with closed eyes getting her face massaged with her neck resting on a
A warm setting of candles, a towel, healing salts and rocks.


Reflexology is an ancient form of massage that focuses on applying various amounts of pressure to specific areas of the hands, face and feet.

Our skin has been shown to be connected to all the organs the body. By applying pressure to specific areas of the skin we can have a positive impact on these organs and that is the essence of reflexology.

A female foot being massaged by female masseuse.
A relaxed woman with closed eyes is getting her forehead massaged with candles in the
Dozens of
			candles flickering with warm orange light.

What does reflexology do?

Less Stress.

Reflexology is the where overall relaxation is ‘the work’. Through each session you will feel becoming lighter, present and more relaxed - ultimately leading to overall reduced stress.

A relaxed woman wearing a towel is having her cheek massaged whilst her eyes are closed.
Healthier Nervous System

Reflexology is all about nerves. By practicing it we can heal your nervous system and effectively work on migraines, dizziness, insomnia and other bodily ailments.

A woman in a bright wooden hut is meditating whilst looking peaceful.
Better Quality of Life

By working through the accumulated stress of your body you will get better sleep, feel and be more healthy and will gain more mental clarity with each treatment.

A woman standing in a field of wheat during a sunset is smiling and calming enjoying the moment with her eyes closed.
Reflexology can also help to heal:
Fertility & Menopause issues
Lowered Libido
Bowel Diseases
Swollen ankles
Kidney stones
& more...


I keep my treatment plans and pricing simple.

We can however work out a custom plan if needed after our initial session.

"What if I need to cancel?"

Please contact me at least 24h in advance if you need to cancel, otherwise you might be charged a full price. Missed appointments will incur the full cost.

Foot Reflexology
£50 60min
A single foot treatment at my location, in Burnham.
Free 20min consultation during your first session!
Foot: improved physical & mental function
General health, anxiety & mood improvements
Improved wellbeing
Foot & Face Reflexology
£70 90min
Combined treatment for maximum relaxation & healing.
Face: can be used to treat migraines
Face: can be used to treat sinus issues
Foot: improved physical & mentalfunction
General health, anxiety & mood improvements
Pregnancy Reflexology
£50 60min
A reflexology treatment specialising in helping you through pregnancy.
Free 20min consultation during your first session!
Supports pregnancy at all stages of the maternity journey
Reduces anxiety
Reduces labour pain
Improved wellbeing
Test Treatment
£25 30min
A quick 25 minute session that lets you experience reflexology for the first time.
Foot: improved physical & mental function
General health, anxiety & mood improvements
Improved wellbeing
x3 Treatments
£130 60min x3
Three treatments. Face, feet or pregnancy reflexology, the choice is yours.
Free 20min consultation during your first session!
General health, anxiety & mood improvements
Improved wellbeing
x5 Treatments
£220 60min x5
Five treatments. Face, feet or pregnancy reflexology, the choice is yours.
Free 20min consultation during your first session!
General health, anxiety & mood improvements
Improved wellbeing
The beauty of reflexology lies in its simplicity: We work where it hurts.

The Treatment


Book Treatment

Book your treatment by following any of the links on this page. It will provide you with the option of contacting me via mobile or by using the provided form.


Attend Treatment

Arrive for your treatment and make sure you put aside the right amount of time for it. During your first session this includes a 20min free consultation.


“The Work”

The treatment will comprise of a focused reflexology massage that will work through areas of high-benefit, uniquely to you and your body.



We will discuss how the treatment went and decide if you need further sessions. The full effects are felt after multiple days.



A photograph of Anna, a woman smiling and standing by a rock wall during summer.

At age of fifty-two, after bouncing back and forth for over 20 years of my life, trying various things (which often left me bruised metaphorically speaking) I found only one thing that brings me back to balance in every sense – Agi’s reflexology.

I specifically mentioned Agi as after trying different reflexologists only her wonderful treatments and intuitive care have clear and visible positive effects on my body and mind. My under-active thyroid, peri-menopausal stage and dealing with days-to-day stress is well under control after weekly treatments. I bow to Agi’s talent, empathy, expertise, and guidance.

A photograph of Barbara, a woman smiling and sitting on a sofa.

Recently, I’ve had various health problems. I have now had a few reflexology treatments with Agi who has been a miracle worker. Besides the treatment being very effective, it is also heavenly. I cannot recommend Agi highly enough. She has magic hands and is such a lovely calming presence.

A photograph of Eliana, a woman standing in the sun whilst wearing sun glasses and smiling.

After long years of intensive physical and mental work, followed by lockdown and the threat of Covid I was feeling exhausted and unwell.

Not being one to like taking medicines I decided to try reflexology, a natural cure. Then I met Agi. She understands the body and the method so well also, never stops studying and researching. It worked almost immediately. My digestive system and back pain improved leading to complete recuperation.

Because I also felt altogether so well I continued the treatment once a week.

To my delight after a few months I noticed that my memory is going back to my youth days!

Nowadays if I have to skip anything I can assure that it will not be my weekly physiotherapy with Agi. I can’t thank her enough for my incredible energy and health!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Info

  • Hygiene is important. Depending on the type of reflexology treatment you will receive please make sure that your feet/hands are clean and that your face has no make up.
  • Please do not consume alcohol on the day of your treatment (before and after).
  • Light eating is recommended as food tends to overstimulate the nervous system which impacts the effectiveness of reflexology.


Hello, I'm Agi!

I’m fascinated with all things natural, be it a beautiful landscape or the wonders of the human body and I'm especially passionate about reflexology.

This is what initially attracted me to reflexology, a holistic way of healing people. The only thing I didn’t know in the beginning was just how powerful reflexology really was.

I'm a licenced reflexologist and I practice in Burnham, Taplow Maidenhead, Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross, Windsor, Old Windsor & Berkshire. I specialise in reducing anxiety and stress. My reflexology has improved the general health, sleep quality and energy of my clients.

An image of Agi, a woman sitting on a chair with a plant in the background. She is calm
				and has a peaceful smile.
Fully insured member of AOR
Reflexology Diploma from the London School of Reflexology
Bergman Method - Advanced Facial Reflexology Diploma from the London School of Reflexology
Studied the Reflexology Course for levels I, II & III from the Polish Institute of Reflexology

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